Lotus Pose

Lotus Pose (Padmasana) is my 8 year old daughters favourite yoga pose.  She uses Lotus Pose to help her feel calm and content.  She also explains how it helps her body feel good with a long, stretched back.

The Lotus Pose is a wonderful calming pose that can work well for children any time of the day, even in the classroom.  It allows your body to be held completely still for long periods of time. As the body is steadied, the mind becomes calm.

In Buddhism symbolism, the lotus flower represents purity of the body, speech and mind.  This is why in yoga, Lotus Pose has been used in meditation for thousands of years.

The Lotus Pose

Sit with your legs stretched out in front of the body. Carefully bend one leg at a time and place your foot on top of the opposite thigh with the sole facing up.  Your knees should be able to touch the ground comfortably.

Now place hands in prayer pose with palms pressed together and sit tall with neck and spine long, but with relaxed shoulders.

Close your eyes and start to breath slowly.  As you exhale through your nose relax your muscles into the pose.  Relax the whole body.

The Lotus Pose is renown as an asana for meditation
Rainbow Pammy
Rainbow Pammy is a certfied Ashtanga Yoga Instructor and children’s development specialist with over 16 years experience as a qualifed child care worker, teacher’s aide and mother. She developed Rainbow Yogis by taking her years of experience working with children, a love of the environment, plus a lifelong obsession with yoga and smooshing it all together!

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