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Total learning: 21 lessons Time: 5 weeks
  • Resources and Techniques  In this section we'll discuss the required resources you'll need and tutorials to develop your skills.  We'll cover more tutorials as we proceed through the course, but these will get you started! 0/3

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  • Section 1 - "I am ..." Challenge  This week's challenge start to scratch the surface on the way to a better understanding of who you are. We also discuss resources and getting you started in Art Journalling. 0/4

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    • Lecture2.2
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    • Lecture2.4
  • Section 2 - Releasing and Letting Go  When you release the things that no longer serve you, it shifts the energies and helps you live in the present.  A boundless, forward moving and energetic life, free of regret, burden, constraint, uncertainty, fear, control and chaos. 0/5

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  • Section 3 - Ever Changing Parts of Me  Happiness comes out of acceptance. Once you have dug deep and looked inside yourself, discovering your own inner strength. It can illuminate your whole world. When you accept every part of you fully, you are free. 0/5

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  • Section 4 - Managing the True Self  Tap into a realm of infinite possibilities and embody your true self. 0/4

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