The journey through womanhood is a constant return back to love

A love for ourselves so powerful that it overflows, making us a beacon of light for others.  It is the freedom to be authentically and unapologetically you, to close off the inner conflict and come back to your true nature.

For you to live in full expression today and everyday to discover your soul’s purpose.

Rainbow Pammy offers empowering women’s online courses, workshops and women’s gatherings, that invite women to develop a complete self-love practice, awareness of our natural cycles and a personal practice discovery through Art Journaling.

Along with rituals, women’s circles, surrender, acceptance, mantras, meditation and yoga.

A rebirth of awareness, creativity and self love.


I dance to my own rhythm,
I make my own rules,
I write my own script,
I learned how from the parts of me that couldn't be silenced
by the external violence of human existance.
And now I rise,
And now I thrive,
And now I am.
~ Vinny

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