Planting the Seeds to Grow a Conscious Generation

Rainbow Pammy is dedicated to spreading mindfulness, empowering kids, promoting wellbeing and sharing the foundations of yoga with families everywhere. We are passionate about applying the benefits of yoga as a therapeutic tool to encourage physical, social and emotional wellbeing and development.

We believe that by providing children and families with the skills and love of yoga, we are ensuring the future health of our planet. Imagine having practised the skills and mindfulness of yoga from a child. How differently you would tread this world and cope as an adult.

We are all one!

Rainbow Pammy Kid’s Yoga Tribe

Rainbow Pammy Yoga, together with Kids Yoga Tribe, is an ever growing, conscious and mindful community of families and friends who live the yoga lifestyle everyday.

Here we teach and share tools of mindfulness for growing a conscious generation:

  • Environmental awareness
  • Social and emotional development by encouraging interaction
  • Encouraging children’s creativity and confidence
  • Teaching the foundations of yoga by developing physical skills and health living practices
    • Balance
    • Strength and flexibility
    • Pranayama
    • Nutrition
  • Guided visualisations with centring and calming techniques to develop Focus and Mindfulness
  • Exploration and discovery
  • A sense of community and belonging!

We endeavour to bring colour, love and light to little yogis throughout the community. Our Rainbow Family are living proof of how yoga can be part of the positive change families need. You can see just how easy it can be with just a few simple steps to a brighter outlook on life.

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