About Rainbow Pammy Yoga – BACKUP VERSION

Rainbow Pammy’s teaches children and adults classes and workshops with an element of energy, connection and mindfulness. Her children’s classes bring colour and energy that engage kids to teach health consciousness, environmental awareness and self-discovery through creative storytelling and imaginative play.

Rainbow PammyRainbow Pammy

Is a qualified Ashtanga Yoga instructor and children’s development specialist, with an Associate Diploma in Social Science and over 15 years experience as a teacher’s aide and mother.

I developed Rainbow Pammy Yoga by taking my years of experience working with children, my love of the environment, plus my lifelong obsession with yoga and lovingly connecting them all together! I always hold a current Working with Children certification and I’m fully insured for both professional indemnity and public liability.

I work hard to bring bright light and colour to every session. Having worked and studied in alternative schooling and care facilities, promoting freeflow with Reggio Emilia concepts, my focus is on empowerment, mindfulness and engaging children at their level, while they learn through exploration and discovery. Encouraging their interaction while reinforcing their creativity and confidence.

Mediating in an ancient caveWe endeavour to bring colour, love and light to little yogis throughout the community. Our Rainbow Family are living proof of how yoga can be part of the positive change families need. You can see just how easy it can be with just a few simple steps to a brighter outlook on life.