Kids’ Yoga Day!

Here at Rainbow Pammy Yoga, we are so excited to be apart of the very first Kids’ Yoga Day!

Kids’ Yoga Day was founded by Author, Teresa Power of ABC of Yoga For Kids, with the mission to help raise awareness and ignite a passion for yoga with as many children as possible at the same time around the world. With over 34 states and 10 countries participating, Rainbow Pammy so far, is happy to be the Only Kids’ Yoga Day ambassador to be representing Australia!

It is such an honour to be apart of such an inspiring movement across the planet, helping to bring yoga and mindfulness into children’s daily lives.

As you know, I am dedicated to spreading mindfulness, empowering kids, promoting wellbeing and sharing the foundations of yoga with families everywhere. I am  passionate about applying the benefits of yoga as a therapeutic tool to encourage physical, social and emotional wellbeing and development.

We believe that by providing children and families with the skills and love of yoga, we are ensuring the future health of our planet. Imagine having practised the skills and mindfulness of yoga from a child. How differently you would tread this world and cope as an adult.

“Planting the Seeds to Grow A Conscious Generation.”


So, to kick off the big day I will be leading a class of over 100 students and teachers at Roleystone Community College, Western Australia. Where I will introduce fun, engaging yoga and mindfulness techniques with energetic yoga adventures and quiet, calming breathing and relaxation skills.

I’m a huge advocate of teaching yoga in schools, having taught at several local colleges, and I’m confident this day will be a great opportunity for teachers and student to experience these benefits. It would be amazing if we can then use this as a starting point to discuss  integrating yoga more permanently into the schools curriculum! 🙂

To help this along I will also be Donating copies of my book “Rainbow Warriors and the Golden Bow” and “Salute to the Sun” posters to all the teachers involved on the day.

For more information on why kids should do yoga, follow this link for 6 great benefits!

Lets Plant The Seeds To Grow A Conscious Generation! 

Rainbow Pammy
Rainbow Pammy is a certfied Ashtanga Yoga Instructor and children’s development specialist with over 20 years experience as a qualifed child care worker, teacher’s aide and mother. She developed Rainbow Yogis by taking her years of experience working with children, a love of the environment, plus a lifelong obsession with yoga and smooshing it all together!

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