Week 3 – Ignite the Fire!

Wow, how do you all feel having reached week three of our challenge? I’m feeling grateful, healthy, peaceful and happy. Time to really warm things up now and light the fire from within.

Keeping the agne healthy by nurturing your digestive system helps keep the body and mind balanced. Agni plays a crucial role this time of year for your health and wellbeing. It is important to keep the fire burning and nurture your inner fire
Making conscious choices through winter to help improve your digestion and ultimately your daily experiences will help nurture the flow of life’s energy.

Lets start each morning with a healthy detoxing smoothy and up the anti of your yoga practice. Read our detox blog from our Spring yoga challenge for more information. 

This week we will engage our Ujjiya Breath, our Bandhas and energise our bodies.

To help activate this week’s challenge, try one new yoga pose every day. A strong, energetic pose, a pose that will challenge you. Or perhaps work on one strong pose for the entire week, a goal to set and to follow.

Here are some ideas:


Start with Dolphin pose to help you prepare with being inverted and to develop the core and upper arm strength.

Facing the wall, balance on your hands and walk your feet up the wall until you are in handstand, supported by the wall.

Next try a handstand from standing but still with legs balancing on the wall.

If you feel confident now try full handstand with support from a friend.



Again, starting with dolphin to help feel the inversion and to develop upper arm strength and core muscles.

Then you could try the headstand position with forearms on the mat and interlocked fingers around the back of your head as you rest the middle of your head on the ground. When comfortable come up off your knees and lift your tail in the air, keep walking your feet in closer towards your face.

If you are still wanting more and have a good core strength you can slowly raise your legs as you feel more comfortable.  Now use your upper arm strength to lift yourself until you feel your neck lengthen to the point it almost feels like your head is no longer resting on the floor. You want to really be able to take the pressure off your neck here as much as you can.



Let’s increase the number and the speed of your Surya Namaskar sequences. Salutations are extremely energetic and heart thumping exercise. Using the yogic Ujjayi Breath to help guide you through with mediative ease and flow. The Ujjayi Breath sounds like the waves of the ocean and is the only way to help you get into the zone of mindful inner peace, existing in the now, in this moment. Deep inhalations through the nostrils, into the open throat and even longer exhalations through the relaxed muscles of the back of your throat and out of your nostrils.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is part of our regular yoga routine.  You just need to do more of them! 🙂

A Nice Sun Salute for Beginners and Little Yogis

For the Little Yogis!

Here is an energetic sequence you can do in a group with your family

Let’s go flying with some partner yoga fun. This activity is super fun and something that you can all do together as a family.

You will need the biggest yogi to base the little ones by laying on your back on your mat after a few sun salutes to warm up and stretch out.

Now just remember to listen to your body. If you feel any aches in your back or joints be sure to stop immediately.  Otherwise, let’s fly!! 😀

Enjoy your week and keep that fire burning brightly.

Rainbow Pammy
Rainbow Pammy is a certfied Ashtanga Yoga Instructor and children’s development specialist with over 20 years experience as a qualifed child care worker, teacher’s aide and mother. She developed Rainbow Yogis by taking her years of experience working with children, a love of the environment, plus a lifelong obsession with yoga and smooshing it all together!

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