Remember to breathe

As the sun comes out and we begin to leave our caves we start to awaken, vibrations all over the world begin to buzz with festivities.

The end of the year is closing in fast now and with it the craziness of the season. Festivals, celebrations and summer holidays are all part of this special time and as we come into this place it is important to take time to stop and breathe.

I am continually reminded by the look of exhaustion on my children’s faces and by their boundless energies sometimes leading to tears for all, that we all need to remember to breathe and take time to recharge those batteries.

Here are some ways you can all be reminded to stop and breathe.

1. The very first thing I do before I jump out of bed in the morning is breathe deep three times, acknowledge the new day and smile. I keep a photo of my children smiling at me next to my bed to remind me to smile before I even rise, or you could leave a favourite affirmation or post it note of a smiley face too. I sometimes like to use this time to set my intentions for the day, simple intentions like remembering to see the beauty in the day, living in the moment or to smile.

2. When you hear a message chime on your phone, use that moment as a bell of awareness.  A few seconds just to be and breathe. Your message will wait and you will more centred for when you retrieve it.

3. Sometimes I like to make a conscious effort to breath by finding my fav quiet spot, with my little ones (I think it is important for them to see me take time to breathe and sometimes they join in!) I play my favourite song, usually Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd.  I simply use this time to be present, be grateful and connect with my breathe again.

4. Three Oms. Sitting with my little yogi, we inhale together, lift our arms into the air and as we exhale to om, we lower our arms in time. Following the breathe with our movement. Connecting with each other, the moment and our breath. This technique is also magic for those out of control, explosive, tiresome moments when we all just need a quick distraction to reconnect and find some grounding. I use this sequence three times with my toddler where ever and when ever we need to relax and focus.

5. Bubble breathing, another favourite of mine that all my children no matter how old or how little love doing. I love this one so much I find myself carrying little bottles of bubbles in my bag for stressful or fun occasions. Bubble breathing is simple and fun, just sit quietly, comfortably and start to breathe slowly. Inhale, exhale, blow some bubbles and imagine floating inside a beautiful rainbow bubble of your own. You may like to blow the bubbles for your little ones whilst they focus on the pretty bubbles floating softly, quietly and gracefully in the air. Explain to your little ones that they can imagine being inside a bubble where it is quiet and peaceful and safe. A place of their very own to feel completely relaxed. And smile.

6. Morning rituals are something we like to do as a family. We circle together, take a few deep breaths together, set our intensions for the day and talk about the things that we are grateful for. Sometimes my littles like to draw pictures of these. After we have chosen an affirmation card and talked to each about them, we close the circle with three Oms and it off to start our new day with open hearts.

It is so important to bring some peace and quiet into yours and your children’s day as our season changes. This will help give their minds and body time to recharge, focus and start again. Learning easy techniques like these at an early age will really help your little ones stay grounded as they grow into a fast moving, materialistic world.


Rainbow Pammy
Rainbow Pammy is a certfied Ashtanga Yoga Instructor and children’s development specialist with over 16 years experience as a qualifed child care worker, teacher’s aide and mother. She developed Rainbow Yogis by taking her years of experience working with children, a love of the environment, plus a lifelong obsession with yoga and smooshing it all together!

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