Growing from Seeds

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In this sequence, we’re growing seedlings.  A nice wake up for the morning, from Child’s Pose (balasana) up into Tree Pose (vriksasana).
If you’ve been watching our page on Facebook, you will have seen us out more and more with our Faerie friends!  They really are fantastic and magical to be around and care deeply for our community.  To get involved with the Eco Faeries check out Faerie Cara‘s site and join the Eco Faerie community.

Thanks Faerie Cara! This is one of our favourite reads!  🙂

Rainbow Yogis has been embracing our new season and all the beautiful things that mother earth gives during this time. the colors of the autumn leaves changing and falling, the cooler evenings, cloudy, orange and pink sunsets and the seeds flying through the air in the fluffy autumn winds looking for there resting place to lay dormant during the winter.  Seedlings tuck yourselves warm and cosy under the earth in child's pose (balasana),breathe and relax.  Now let's start to sprout seedlings, as you breathe in come up onto your Knees and lift your arms up to reach for the sun.  lets grow together with another slow breath. look up, breath and slowly come up onto your feet with legs straight and your  roots firmly pressed into the earth.  rest one foot above your knee and reach your branches high into the sky towards the sun and stand in tree pose (vriksasana) Think about what kind of tree you are.  imagine your branches blowing in the Autumn winds and gently dropping your seeds and floating down to lay dormant under the earth again in child's pose.   Now breath and relax. Resting in the Autumn sun. Keep growing and falling 3 times over and your body will start to fill strong in your leg muscles like the trunk of a tree, your spine will feel long and straight and you mind will feel calm and clear to start a new adventure. Tree pose is fun to do outdoors amongst some wise old trees but don't forget after you yoga practice to give those big old giants a hug from Rainbow Pammy!


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Rainbow Pammy
Rainbow Pammy is a certfied Ashtanga Yoga Instructor and children’s development specialist with over 16 years experience as a qualifed child care worker, teacher’s aide and mother. She developed Rainbow Yogis by taking her years of experience working with children, a love of the environment, plus a lifelong obsession with yoga and smooshing it all together!

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