Parenting Toolkit: Volcano Pose

UPDATE! Check out our Volcano Pose Video!

Volcano Pose is a great little sequence I like to use in classes and with my own children at home.  It is especially good during school holidays, when our little friends tend to be at their most excitable.

It’s an effective way to defuse any situation whether it be over excitement or anger.  It helps to re-centre your child.  It’s also a fantastic way for you to stop, take a breath and re-centre yourself, avoiding all the yelling and helping you to connect with your child instead. You’ll soon find out what they need and be able to guide them after.

Yoga Asana - Volcano PoseVolcano Pose Sequence

1. Start by standing your little yogi in Mountain Pose (Tadasana), hands in heart centre, Prayer Pose (Pranamasana).

2.  Close your eyes, take one deep breath, inhale through the nose, bend your knees and lift your hands above your head.

3. Breath out with a loud AHHH through your mouth and explode all your excitement or anger or even love upward, straightening your knees and stretching your arms up and out into Volcano Pose (Tadasana Uttihita Hastasana).

You may need to do this 3 or more times until you both feel centred. Don’t forget to engage with your little yogi or yogini by locking eyes and breathing together.

Now its time to relax and talk about how you both feel after letting go of your energies. Above all, remember to have fun exploding like a volcano.

Keep this one in your Parenting Toolkit and I think you’ll agree that the benefits of Volcano pose are endless!  😉

Rainbow Yogis Yoga Instructor Pam demonstrates Volcano Pose
A Volcano Pose moment at the beach last year.
Rainbow Pammy
Rainbow Pammy is a certfied Ashtanga Yoga Instructor and children’s development specialist with over 16 years experience as a qualifed child care worker, teacher’s aide and mother. She developed Rainbow Yogis by taking her years of experience working with children, a love of the environment, plus a lifelong obsession with yoga and smooshing it all together!

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