Rainbow Pammy teaches yoga and mindfulness classes and workshops to empower families to follow a yogic path of wellness, creativity and simplicity. As a women's circle facilitator, Rainbow Pammy is dedicated to guiding women on to a path back to their true self.

Empowered Women - Workshops, Online Courses and Women's Circles

Gather, seek, love, discover, witness and practise.  Journey through womenhood to return to back to love.

Rainbow Pammy’s rituals, circles, meditation and yoga can help you to find your awareness, creativity and self love.

Conscious Families - Kid's Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Wellness

As a Concious Parenting Mentor, Rainbow Pammy is dedicated to spreading mindfulness, empowering kids, promoting wellbeing and sharing the foundations of yoga with families everywhere.

We are passionate about applying the benefits of yoga as a therapeutic tool to encourage physical, social and emotional wellbeing and development.

Mindfulness and Yoga - Yoga Classes, Meditation and Resources

Asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra and affirmation connect us to a holistic wellness practice, combining our external perception and physical experience with our inner being. 

A place where you can connect with the divine.

Rainbow Pammy

Mama, teacher, parenting mentor, author, Women’s circle facilitator and Children’s development specialist, Rainbow Pammy has spent more than 15 years following a yogic path of wellness, creativity and simplicity.

After studying the Reggio Emilia approach and combining her passion for children’s development and the environment, Rainbow Pammy developed her own brand of children’s yoga.  This lead to first book, Rainbow Warriors and the Golden Bow, as well as the publication of her Affirmation Cards and Sun Salute poster.

Her studies of Yoga and Mindfulness came under the guidance of renowned yoga masters Gregor Maehle, AG Mohan and Indra Mohan.

As Rainbow Pammy’s family and circle grew, so did her passion for holistic well being. Self love became a big part of her personal practice when she started holding space for women, in her yurt (Rainbow Hollow) nestled in the Perth Hills.  Holding these circles turned Rainbow Pammy’s attention to the connection between women and the significance of these journeys. As well as the importance of helping bring them back home to themselves, to discover their true soul’s purpose through creative and expressive processes.  This was the catalyst for Pammy’s workshops, now available online for all women across the world.


Art Therapy and the Creative Process

Art Journaling is a creative process of self expression both with written and visual language to give us a greater understanding through expression.

The Journal becomes a visual expression and extension of the self. A space for emotion, thought, meditation, a container to to discover, play and listen as you create.

Our Family

The Rainbow Family are dedicated to a lifestyle of yoga and mindfulness. We bring this to our daily lives with practice as we homeschool, work and play.  This video, entirely produced by our son Xavier, sums up his views on our family philosophy.

 The Latest from Rainbow Pammy’s Blog

Grounding meditation for kids

Have you ever sat or laid on a warm rock and felt its overwhelming powers. Have you taken the time to notice  how it feels as if you are connecting with the earth? Rocks and stones represent stillness. They are as ancient as the earth itself with stories to tell of our ancestors, they carry the spirits of our past, and will continue to outlast us for countless lifetimes to come. Children seem to be instinctively drawn to rocks and stones, finding little treasures at the beach, in the forest, down by the river and on the side walk. I…

Day 10 Isolation

They said 2020 was going to be big, but I wasn’t expecting this. Ramblings from my Isolation diary’s.

Write your healing, tell your story.

Heal yourself by writing your story.

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    Rainbow Pammy’s kids yoga resources are a great way to introduce children to yoga and mindfulness. We thought every little yogi deserves a Kids Yoga Tribe bundle for Christmas this year so descided to help plant the seeds with a 20% off special! This pack includes one book and one poster.

    Lets work together to grow a conscious generation.

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  • Sale! Book Cover - Rainbow Warriors and the Golden Bow - Hardcover

    Get ready for an exciting expedition off your yoga mat and into the wilderness.
    This book by yoga instructor, Rainbow Pammy, has been designed to encourage kids to take their yoga practice out into nature. Developing a greater awareness of the environment, an appreciation of its beauty and the importance of their own place in it.

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  • Rainbow Yogis Poster - Sun Salute - Surya Namaskara A - Close up 1

    This beautiful poster has been specially designed by Rainbow Pammy, with illustrations by Kate Gillett, to help teach kids the basic Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salute (Surya Namaskara A).

    Printed in full colour A2 Plus size (500mm x 735mm) on 250gsm card.

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